HTMLTexture 64bit - Crash after first click

HTMLTexture (EX9.Texture String) and HTMLTexture (EX9.Texture URL) seem to have a problem with mouse interactions in 64 bit versions.

After clicking on one link in the texture, it won’t let me click the next.
Reproducable with the MultipleWebsites Girlpower Demo

I have the same problem, also with the 32 bit version. But the HTML Renderer works…

I can reproduce this in 33.1 x64 on Win8 x64.

Also, this web page will load and work fine for a while, and then stop responding to mouse clicks:

It does not seem to be related to just mouse clicks, but time - it will seem to go dead after a minute or so even with no activity.

Interestingly, the “Loading” output pin now seems to mean not that the web page is loading, but there simply is any activity on the page. This is not good, as there needs to be a mechanism for knowing when the page load is done. Another output pin indicating activity would be fine.

To further clarify, the problem with the Globe website happens in a normal stand-alone use of HTMLTexture and Mouse, not in the demo patch so that problem is not related to the VirtualMouse technique used in the demo patch.

Hmmm, seems that in some circumstances the Mouse Join node will crash and then become unresponsive. Happens sometimes on the first left-click input, the node will flash red, and then gives this message in the console:

41909.586203, 00:01:21 ERR : Exception occured in TMPluginWrapperNode.Evaluate
41909.586203, 00:01:21 ERR : The method or operation is not implemented.

So at least the problem I am seeing is not the HTML Texture node but the Mouse node.

I have yet to make a repeatable test case but will post when I do.

The crash when sending a mouse click should be fixed in the latest alpha build (93e0c3a31d). Should be sufficient to download and unzip the addonpack only.

And yes the behaviour of the IsLoading output was changed as described in the addonpack changelog. The reason for the change was the new auto-size feature - see
But I agree, separating between page load and rendering activity makes sense. Putting the “Is Loading” pin back to its old behaviour and adding a new pin “Is Rendering” ok for you?

Great, thanks Elias! And yes, separating the loading and rendering status into two pins would be most excellent!