HTML Texture node youtube live Stream


i want to stream a youtube live cam as a texture in vvvv. >> HTML Texture URL

ok so the problem is waaaaaayyy up the chain…

html texture does not support it because CEFGlue does not support h264 because Chromium does not support it. because of licensing stuff…!topic/chromium-dev/9EqnUb2fDvg

I know that most probably it is a bad idea, but if you append &nohtml5=1 to your YouTube link and enable flash player in htmltexture node, might work. Or crash ;-) Cheers

holy fork ! it works ! thanks !!

so it usually would have worked anyways (if html5 fails it uses flash and vice versa)
i just didn’t have a system flash installed. only the flash inside chrome. so the HTML Texture node had no flash.

but this really pointed me in the right direction. thanks again.