HTML texture memory bug?


i’ve got a problem with the html texture. We are using it to display a tiled map. The problem is that it uses a huge amount of virtual memory. I dont know if this is a bug or not - but it seems it never clears any until it reaches 0 and crashes vvvv.

I attached an example patch of google maps. When you zoom in and keep moving the map you see that the Memory goes down fast. Also when the resolution is higher the effect is bigger.

Maybe the cache that overflows?
Any ideas on how to prevent it?

htmltexture_problem.v4p (11.5 kB)

hm your demo patch doesn’t show that behaviour here. tested with beta29.2 and alpha29.4

Its the same on my home computer.

It only is visible when you start zooming in and move the map, zoom out again, and so on. 2GB virt. memory gone in 20 sec.

ah ok. i see it now. have to move my mouse very quickly. if i wait till map is fully loaded memory stays constant.