Html Texture, Flash nog working

Hi All,

First of, am still a noob at vvvv.

I have a question. I cant get a webpage with flash working in a Html texture. If i do it trough the html renderer is work perfectly but when i switch to Dx9 its not working anymore.

Anyone a idea what i do wrong? dx9 is a must by the way because i use Spout Sender.

The HTMLTexture node in beta34.2 has known issues with playing flash. You can open its help patch and follow the link about playing flash in its bottom left corner where you’ll find more information. But basically it will redirect you to use beta34.1

Another option is to use one of our latest alpha builds, again open the help patch and follow the link about playing flash if it doesn’t work from the beginning. The help patch will point you to a download link. Just tried and worked here. But had to uninstall and reinstall flash before I got it working. On a new computer here, that didn’t happen last time I tried.