Html texture flash alpha problem


i tried to switch the flash part from an older project to the htmltexture node.

i updated my flash sources, compiled a 11.4 swf. in the browser everything looks fine. in the html texture node the transparent layers with alpha 0 are black. i created a small test file, without code. the same!

i compiled the file with flash cc and the alpha channels look fine in v4.

I can’t see the difference between the two files, perhaps my flash compiler is broken, or i have different plugins in firefox and v4. which flash plugin is used by v4?


have you checked
girlpower\IO\Web\07_Transparent Flash\TransparentFlash.v4p

the HTMLTexture nodes are using the chromium engine to render stuff so you’d need to compare with chrome if that does still not help.

yes, I have checked it with your demo patch. I think there is something wrong with the style of the clips or the TLF text elements.