Html table --> ioBox


how can I convert or put or make or change an html table into an ioBox?

The table contains two types of values, time values that are always the same and according measurements that are not predefined. The table is updated every half an hour. This means that the table will grow by one row and value every half an hour, but only up to 48 rows.

I tried to work with GetSlice(String), Separate(String), Select(String), and Split(String)…at first sight those seemed to be all right tools, but I didn’t get very far.

Does anyone have experience with this sort of issue, and is willing to give me a hand with it?


hei guest anna,

XSLT (XML) and RegExpr (String) will make it possible to let you read out the HTMLtable. this is already a little advanced.

do you really want to display this in an IObox or do you just want to use this data in vvvv?
changing rows and columns of an IObox only works with scripting inside vvvv. @woei did a module “SetIObox” which you find at woei.modules.

feel free to ask every question here,

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Be aware that XPATH/XSLT only will work if the HTML-input is proper XHTML. If not, have a look at Tidy(XML) it may help.