HowTo prepare X Files

Using vvvv & Kinect I want to do some think like this:
Plz. I need some idea & help how to do this ?

step by step I start from here:
howto prepare x files
and getslice (node)
but there is no more information how to continue ?

looks like a fake btw, you can try to find something already working, since realtime character animation is not what you can do without a year of practice

  • for example like what ? or how ? just show me way plz…
…using vvvv: Magic and Storytelling - Behind the Scenes Documentary on Vimeo

that’s certainly fake, but totally doable (to a less realistic extent)
which is almost a direct duplication of this previous work :

here you go example

my personal solvers are aren’t ready
making even that work with skin and skeleton would take me a week or two
but believe me first year you’ll spend on proper import of the model
i stuck on reconstruction of interfered joints right now

Head animation software it’s very easy… this software included with “LogiTech” camera…, but we speak how using X-FILES connect 3D-models (from Maya or 3D-MAX) with KINECT skeleton or depth map using OpenNI or Microsoft?

using rear projection with semi-transparent mirror you will never get perfect disappearing mirroring, as the japanese guys lead you to believe

2 DiMiX

I tested IR rear mirror and it’s not working, but i have some idea by using separate IR-LED in front of mirror, and for good solution using three KINECT for 3-axis of view and put 3D-model in LCD(or plazma) monitor behind the mirror, but it’s later…step by step, first question is:

  • HOW TO conect 3D-model with kinect skeleton ?

i was meaning not tracking, but final task-projection itself on the mirror.
in the video there is no mirror image (of the person, who is front of mirror) at all, only pure projected image. and that looks like fake for me.
just be sure that you are OK with projection itself with mirror surface in front of your foil or display, before you spend months with patching

  • i would try with collada bones-joints

“there is no fire witout smoke”

  • by the way it’s great idea for creativity work ;)

when you stuck completely with collada let me know look what god did to my car:

but i would not remove you the person reflection from the mirror

The human face has more emotions than the body moves…, what if we use practices capturing & realtime rendering from ready programs ?