Howto create a custom mesh with a vertexbuffer

Hello world.

I’m pretty new to vvvv. Willing to understand but still struggling…

At this moment I’m trying to understand how the mesh function in combination with a vertex buffer works.

The help file of the mesh function describes a method to create a square into a mesh with the help of a vertex buffer.

But is it possible to create different geometrical figures with the help of a vertexbuffer for example a seastar. which means 10 adjustable points in the mesh.

I have tried to add extra vertex positions and texture coordinates, to no avail.

can someone give me some hint and tips to create a custom mesh?

i think you will have to create more complexs meshs in a 3d software and import to 4v … or work with the vvvvs ex9.geometry (grid, teapot , box , etc)

Thanks, for the reply plic.I was thinking the same. But is it possible to adjust imported x files in vvvv?

here is my basic vertex buffer patch, might give you some more understanding to that i think it’s possible with advanced vertex buffer and shader wrote to it. see if someone know how to deal with it proper ;)

vertex-buffer.v4p (8.6 kB)

this tutorial might help :

have fun !!!