How's this done?

Hi guys!!!

I’ve been doing some pretty fun stuff with 3d boxes and text and such, but i love this

How’s it done? and who’s done it. i mean, how are the ribbons made, and are they continuous?


this is done with a shader which takes 16 points as control points and does a cubic interpolation inbetween. guess it was about 25 ribbons here. each ribbon is continuous.

it’ll take a while before publishing. the code isn’t clean yet


any tutorials you can tell us about where we can learn doing some magic like this.

will also wait for the published code.

-strange, i thought, i already posted a reply 4 hours ago-

this pic is just ribbons with random points and curvature. so you can achieve similar results using line and bspline - but without shading.
or try with connecting more instances of curve phong shader to generate one longer ribbon with different curvature.
in case you don’t need to control the line exactly desaxis tentacle noise shader can do it as well.


There is a little example of some curvature using B-splines…

curve.v4p (13.3 kB)

And also a rough shaded version with normals…

curve_with normals.v4p (12.0 kB)

Wow! Thanks guys. I’ve been going mad trying to work out how to make a continuous line. I feel like a six year old.

here it is: User Shaders

have fun!

I will :)