How to work Box2d on 64bit?

Hello Nice to meet you.My name is Junki

I would like to work Box2d Node with Kinect v2 on vvvv.

Kinect v2 is only worked on 64bit.
But Box2d is not worked on 64bit.
(Missing in 64bit builds
missing in 64bit builds )

I was checked under the URL, and tried.
But I couldn’t work.

Box2D + Bullet x64 version?

Is it impossible that to work Box2d on 64bit?
Could you tell me any ideas or advices?

Thank you for your attention.
Junki Yoshioka

It might work that you start two instances of VVVV one in 32bit and another in 64bit.
Do all the things you need with the Kinect2 in the 64bit instance and send those values via OSC to the 32bit instance.
In the 32bit instance render the things you need to do with Box2D.

As far as i know Box2D has never been ported to 64bit.

How you can start multiple instances ( /allowmultiple ) you can read here ->
commandline parameters


If you are able to use bullet lib then that’s now included. If you want to use box2d and kinect2 nodes as is then you might have to do as d0this said and use multiple instances. You can also send the transformations from box2d (or just needed part of them) to the 64 bit instance, just depends which one you want to work more in.

In general to be honest using multiple instances is a bit of a pain and can introduce more pitfalls, but is sometimes desired for optimizing (think multi threading). Or for Vvvvrankensteins…

Here is other forum link with box2d 64 bits build

Note to self: add into addonpack ;)

Sorry for late reply.
And thanks for some advices.

After all, I used command line parameter.
I have been solved my problem!!

I couldn’t use your link.
Also , I try to challenge .