How to...visualizer

Hi everyone.
I’m a really vvvv beginner starting to make experiments for a multimedia project in progress.

Now I’m playing around an idea to make a sort of music visualizer. I’d like to understand how to realize a basic visualizer effect like the one in this page or in this one

The problem is not the oscillating line but the “blur trail” effect.

Any explanation or examples will be really appreciated.

Thank you.


Have a look at Gaussian Blur shader, or you can also add a Queue (Value) in your oscillator.


Thanks artrobota,
I’ve already tried blur shader and is not what I mean.
I’ll try for the queue.
Maybe the methods descripted here or here can be useful…?

Have a look for example at this image…

have a look at tonfilms Music3d Patch, play with the camera, and try combining it with the bloom shader, and you should get much more beautiful results than the images you posted :)


are you looking for something like that ?
(see attached)

and yes have a look at that tomfilm’s patch.

p.s : can someone delete the first attached file ?

SimpleWaveViz.v4p (10.3 kB)

you might also think about feeding back a distorted render-output as background texture.

sorry for the quick & dirty, fit-inducing patch, but you’ll get the idea (includes @sanch DeformByTexture - shader): (30.9 kB)

Thanks boys, I’m studying your patches…

check the motionblur patch from tonfilm too and i’m sure you can use the iir filter (textures) module from kalle too.

havvvve fun

ok anachronik, I’m working around…