How to use Where region

Can anybody post some examples on how to use the Where region?
where.vl (17.7 KB)

Here’s a basic one :


The Where region will return all elements where the condition you patch inside the region is matched.

If you only want the first element that matches a condition, you have FirstOrDefault, or LastOrDefault if you want the last one that matches.

In your example GetItem fails because the condition MyValue == 18 is never matched (since you provide only 14 items as an input), so you try to GetItem on nothing. The difference between GetItem and GetSlice is that GetItem will throw an exception if you ask it for something that does not exist, whereas GetSlice will fallback to a default value or wrap.

Which method is preferred? Foreach seems to have better perfomance.
where.vl (19.0 KB)