How to use randomly generating hair line as a renderer (virtual printer)... example pictures.)

my point is to create spread of hair lines with some rule of behavior… I cant achieve any complex behavior for example like these:

I know these works are most probably created in proccesing, and I also know it would not be easy.)

I appreciate any of your help… some example patch would be GREAT!! I love hairline landscapes…please help.

for NON realtime :

did this with vvvv and ai

i used the svg exporter by defetto

am kinda newbie, so I dont get it… is svg exporter connected with final visual? I would like to know what use for generating lines and some example how to set behavior… cos classic spreads are too trivial…

these are very nice… I cant imagine how to force lines to act in this shapes… could you share some code example?thanx anyway… nice worx!!