How to use Mitter Line mp.dx?

hi all,

I need to do some static 3d lines with animation, so I figured a textured mitter line would be the way to go. Props to microdee for his expansive contrib that went under my radar 'til now.

But sadly no girlpower examples. Could sb give me pointers on how to use @microdee 's “MitterLineOutput (DX11 Effect)” ?

what kind of geometry does it need? I guess I feed my line-points 3d into the LineSegment Buffer, but what is the address? indices?

StructuredBuffer Inbuf;
StructuredBuffer Address;

textured lines.v4p (20.7 KB)


Line (DX11 Mitter) help.v4p (36.4 KB)
Line (DX11 RawBuffer) help.v4p (8.6 KB)
Line (DX11 StructuredBuffer) help.v4p (7.5 KB)

I’ve made some help patches. MitterLineOutput is used only in the Line modules. There are modules accepting StructuredBuffer and RawBuffer as input. If you want to use that shader outside the module, check out how it’s used in said module.

I’ve also pushed said help patches to mp.dx therefore it will be available in 10 minutes from writing

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ah, thx… was a level too deep in there. line list with adjacency… figures ^^

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