How to use different gamma & different nuggets versions

Hello, I am quite sure this question was made before in one way or another, but I did not found it on the forums

I have projects based on old gamma versions that use to work with old fuse nuggets
I can use gammalauncher to run one or another version of vvvv, but the all go for the nuggets on

and latest version of gamma do not work with old Fuse, and latest Fuse do not work with old gamma…
Looking into Referencing Libraries | vvvv gamma documentation

I did try
SET PATH=%PATH%;d:\OldNugs;

with no effect at all

What is the correct way of referencing a specific version of vvvv to run on a specific nuget version, or to use a specific nugget folder ?

This will replace the default global location for NuGets with your folder:

vvvv.exe --nuget-path "d:\OldNugs"

This will “add” the nugets in your folder to the ones available in the global location:

vvvv.exe --package-repositories "d:\OldNugs"

You can also do this with @sebescudie 's GammaLauncher

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It seems that I totally forgot to update GammaLauncher, I did not say that option there

Nuget override = --nuget-path

Package repositories = --package-repositories

Also make sure to have the respective check-boxes ticked on the launch tab.



@sebescudie : i learned something here. how about displaying the commandline arguments in the tooltip? then their meaning can be easily decoded in the gamma-documentation.

i’ll make an github issue to discuss this…

Good call, sounds reasonable indeed :)

Yep, please do so I don’t forget next time I work on the launcher :-) Thanks!


github issue: Display commandline options in tooltip · Issue #61 · sebescudie/GammaLauncher · GitHub


@ sebescudie as a next feature for the future, I would be great to have a different setting config file for each vvvv installation
So we can launch different versions of gamma versions pointing to different nugget folders :D

This is planed 🙃
Can’t promise when but that’s the next thing after being able to download stables and a couple small fixes.


@sebescudie its been a long time since this post
What is the best current workflow at the moment regarding this topic ?

I would like to experiment with the net 6.2, but I still not sure how to handle different fuse versions, and what fues version goes with what vvvv pre release

Any info is apreciated!

There is this:

Still nothing to report, sadly.