How to use billboard

hi all,

I want to rotate a plane always towards my camera, but I don’t know how to use the billboard node. routing the plane’s transform through the node (like in beta) does not work.

billboard.vl (13.9 KB)

btw the input in the billboard operation is not connected!
regardless of that, the inverse view transformation does not rotate my object. it dissapears.

any pointers?

it says “Inverse View Rotation” so you have to extract the rotation first… but what kind of effect do you want to achieve? world positions with a rotation towards the camera, or objects that are fixed relative to the camera?


thanks, I used the whole transformation. now it works.
is there a reason why there is no transform within the billboard node?
I was confused in which order to put the transforms, because the billboard was greyed out until it gets a transform. and I thought I had to connect my object transform upstream, but it needs to be downstream.

also is there a faster way to extract the rot?

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you can also do it like this, no need to fiddle with transforms, does that solve it? or do you need 3d objects with shaded materials in view space?


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this is the correct way to get the invers view rotation without any frame delay. It is important to not use any pads. Also use the Rotation (Quaternion)