How to trigger a Monitor On/Off Signal?

I’m looking for a way to switch on/off an attached Flatscreen Monitor (DVI) within vvvv, is there a way to do this reliably?

Let’s say, you have some kind of installation using one Flatscreen Monitor and you don’t want it to run all the time, and switching it on/off manually is not an option (button not accessible nor caretakers at the exhibition being reliable ;) ). Most Monitors activate themselves when you power on the computer, vice versa shut down when the box shuts down too.

Cheers, Patrick

ai patrick. have you tried MonitorPower (System) ?

Ey Joreg, aha :) not yet. Thx for the hint! Will feed back in a couple of hrs …

Does the job, but how do I keep the Monitor off as long as I want?

By cascading TogEdge > Toggle > Toggle after a KeyMatch. But — is this the way to go? Is this safe like this won’t crash the system? Time could tell, but I prefer some advice first ;)

hmm,… i don’t see what could go wrong there?

Alrighty änd merci!