How to transform texture on 3d mesh object

hi folks,

I’ve got a simple 3d object imported as a .x-file in vvvv. basically it looks like a half cylinder, a bended wall.

as first step i would simply like to put a video as texture on it. this works fine, i connected the .x-file and the VideoTexture to a GouraudDirectional node. now I have my video all over the object.

how do I now scale down the texture so that my video takes only a smaller rectangular area on the 3D-object? connecting a Transform3D node to the Gouraud node only lets me scale down the texture (but tiles it which I also don’t want) and doesn’t let me position the texture on the 3D-object.

what am I doing wrong here?

probably the best way to go is doing th UV mapping on your 3D program, or creating subsets to map the video exactly where you want it.

I found a workaround, I’m just not yet completely convinced that this is the way to do it, even though it works fine for my purpose:

VideoTexture -> Quad -> Renderer (EX9) -> DX9Texture -> GouraudDirectional

Now I can set size and position of the texture on the 3D-object by transforming the Quad.
Unfortunately I still have my whole 3D-Object covered in my texture, even though now not the video is tiled across it, the whole object now takes the color of the renderer background in which the Quad is prerendered.

I would still be interestet in learning whether there is a »proper« way to manipulate a texture on a 3D-object and how to get rid of the tiling/ background color…

helo freaq, i created a new page for you: Texture Transformation. hope that helps.

thx joreg, but unfortunately the site only displays »access denied«!?

aight, forgot to set the permissions. try again.

works, thanks!