How to 'train' the detectobject node?

Like the title says: how can I create the necessary xml training file, in order to detect the object I want it to detect. (in my case, I would like to know position, size and rotation around the Z-axis of a white rectangular piece of paper).

hei ft,

this is more an opencv question really since vvvv is merely using opencvs DetectObject function here. i remember there being a separate file called haartraining.exe that came with the opencv installation. maybe you can find some information here:

hi , i,ve been interested in knowing thsi for quite a long time ,ft let us know if you find the way please .


@colorsound: so far no luck. Haven’t been able to put a lot of time in it yet…

would be nice to have the predator tracking within vvvv
i think it went opensource too

I know people were working on a c version too, because the original was written in matlab I think. I also suppose it won’t take too long before TLD will be a part of OpenCV, which would be ideal, since OpenCv plugins already exist.

I don’t know if TLD knows about rotation though, since it ‘learns’ different appearances of the same object.