How to track only one person with kinect v2


I am trying various things with Kinect v2 now. I want Kinect v2 to track only one person’s movement. However, when several people appear in front of the Kinect v2, the object is automatically duplicated.
And the graphic objects are tangled and messed up:(

How can I make it track only one person’s movements? Or is there a way to prevent duplicate objects from being created even when multiple people appear?


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The Skeleton node provides a user ID and tracks 25 joints (XYZ coordinates = 75 position values) per person. You have to manually sort out tracking data from other skeletons. If you want to get data from the second skeleton you get JointPositionXYZ slices 75-149. Keep in mind that this position within the spread might change as users enter or leave the tracking area. The user ID helps you keep track of that. The ID value itself just identifies the user, the ID position within the ID spread correlates to the position of the tracking data within the JointPosition XYZ spread.

Also keep in mind, that k2 will keep locked onto persons, once within its range. So if 4 persons enter the tracking range, a fifth one won’t be tracked until one of the others leaves the camera FOV.

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Thank you so much for your detailed advice!

First, I’ll try the part you pointed out :)

Try it out, and if there is something that doesn’t work, I’ll leave a post again.

Thank you!!

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