How to track a surface for AR

hi all,

I want to do AR within an 50x50cm interaction area. a kinect is mounted POV and hands are involved. I would prefer a nearly invisible setup without markers, and no complicated VR setup. so maybe glass with IR leds beneath, or maybe there is a way to use the pointcloud for plane detection? Or another optical tracking way that I don’t know of? like the plane detection ARkit and arcore does? Is there something similar in opencv?

For what exactly do you need the plane detection?
Since this seems to be a fixed setup, the “ground-plane” is a given, isn’t it?

I need the plane to place my 3d object in ar. and the camera is free. I also want to able to move the whole setup without calibrating a lot. and a vr tracker for the camera is also a nogo. this should work with only optical tracking or pointcloud.

haven’t tried this, but could be an option.
@ravel wanted to have a look at this at some point. did you?

Have you considered using an IR aruco marker or similar? Invisible to the end-users but visible to the Kinect.

good idea ^^ actually I have been working on an IR aruco marker array for kinect!

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