How to take the spread from FFT to Getspread_VVVV GAMMA

Hello everyone,
I’m a newbie and I have a problem, how to connect’s FFT to Getspread? I tried to find some methods on the Internet, but I couldn’t find it, I hope some friends can help.

welcome giovanniyin!

you’re hitting an unfortunate spot there: the FFT node does not return a Spread but something similar called an IReadOnlyList. that’s why you can’t connect its output to the GetSpread node. instead you have to use the GetList node that you can only see when you enable advanced nodes in the nodebrowser.

Thanks Joreg!
After reading your answer, my thinking is much clearer, and then I searched the following posts you replied before, and found that IReadonlylist can be converted with ForEach, and then GetSpread can be connected.
Thank you for your selfless help!

(I don’t know if it’s the best way to do this, but it solved the problem I was facing.)

The reason it was changed from Spread to IReadOnlyList is that is that fast changing big spreads have a bad impact on performance and memory management.

If you now undo this change right after the node, you have created the same problem again.

So in this case, use GetList as joreg suggested.

Thanks for reminding,
I haven’t found this Getlist before, but later I found out that my gamma version is too low. I found this node after the update, and it has now been replaced.
Thank you.


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