How to store shell command output from Executor node

Hello, for a project I need to run a traceroute from vvvv and I have to see and store its results in vvvv.
I’ve tried using the Executor node, but it only outputs as an Observable, one line at a time, oftentimes very fast.
I’ve tried a workaround with cache but it’s rough and I can’t wrap my head around a more efficient way of doing it - I’m terrible at working with Observables hahaha…

This is what I get, one line at a time:

And this is what I want, everything at once:

Any suggestions, nodes other than the Executor that can run or read the result of commands, or better ways of storing the results? Help is much appreciated

Try using HoldLatest node.
Should you get “everything” at once? Or it is line after line?
If you are familiar with Records you could create a data type and store the results every time you receive something.
Alternatively you can perhaps use a Queue node and “Insert” everytime you receive something out if Executor.

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The Queue node works perfectly for this! Thank you! :D

((I had already tried the HoldLatest, Sampler and S+H nodes and those didn’t work, but the Queue node is exactly what I was looking for ^_^))

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Also SpreadBuilder can be used in some cases
In this case, the application outputs the desired rows line by line until it finishes with a “null” row.
I collect in builder and give the resulting spread on line zero as a new observable

but beware of null strings mixed in with spreads:

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sorry for the late reply, thank you for your answer! I’ll try to see if this way works better for me, thanks for letting me know ^_^