How to store and recall a transform matrix?

hello everybody,
this must be a little silly question: I would like to write® a 4x4 transform matrix to read it after, whenever I want…
I have a slices problem, the matrix is seen as a unique slice…can’t recover the good values from the original matrix.
Here’s the patch;
any help would be appreciated !!

store-matrix-transformation.v4p (12.6 kB)

I think Kalle wrote a s&h (transform) node- you can probably find it on his userpage. Otherwise it should be pretty easy. Try having a look at GetMatrix and SetMatrix, these will convert the transform type to values and vice versa.


Here is a patch with Regular expression.
Could be done also with Frame delay technique.


Read_Write.rar (4.5 kB)

beat me to it :)
Otherwise pretty much the same thing with you patch:

store-matrix-transformation-FIXED.v4p (16.1 kB)

Store (Transform) if you just need to store it while the patch is running

waou !!
thx you so much !! just discovering the potential of vvvv, and its community !!
I’m very impressed.
big up

You’re welcome !