How to STOP a spread to a specific value

Hi everyone :)

I would like to ask to you if there’s a node that can FREEZE a value that comes from a spread, that is, when the spread arrives at a certain value (4 for example) the spread stops (and restarts if i switch off that node).
Thank you all :)

S+H maybe?

your question can be interpreted in many ways, a patch where you explain what it is you want to achieve would make answering easier.

I’d go with = (the value) and conect that trough TogEdge to S+H.

A tricky patch

stopGrowing.v4p (7.8 kB)

Or sometime to achieve something similar I use a slighty modified version of LFO Run Once.
But as sunep said, your question can be interpreted in many ways, so maybe these are wrong answers. (2.6 kB)

yes, you’re right, here’s the patch. The spread i want to stop at the preset value is the spread of VECTOR Z of the kinect skeleton position.

INTERACTION2.v4p (22.0 kB)

ok, with the s+h/= combo i ‘half resolved’ the problem, and for now that’s enough. I’ll fix it by myself later. Thank you all as always for your precious help :)