How to sort values of the Contour patch?

I think this is an easy problem but I can’t figure it out. I need a sorted Id-Spread from the Contour patch, but how does vvvv remember the x/y values of the id for the new vector. The slices of the Id spread are sorted by numerical value with the ‘sort’ patch. What I have to do, when i want the x and y in the same order then their id, which the get from the contour patch.
Thanxs for any help

Sorry, for the early posting.
After I looked a third time in the forum, I have found the solution.

Tonfilm 3.5.07
the sort node has a former index output, connect it with the index input of a GetSlice, which is connected to the other spread…

And it was realy easy :-) _ everything works
no help needed