How to select which midi channel I am receiving

So basically I have got this program working - it sends midi data to my drum machine to trigger events and receives midi messages back from the drum machine once the events happen. But it also receives all the midi data that I am trying to send to other devices. Is it possible to decide which midi channel to receive on?

I looked up a thing which han a node called channelfilter or something, but i dont have it and cant seem to find it.

If I am going to have to filter the the raw data does anyone have any suggestions how i could do this?

if it is related to the raw midi in, then the channel is encoded in the two numbers that you receive… so find the channel number and only do something if it’s the channel that you are interested in.

ChannelFilter is a VL node, you can also do the midi processing there… might be more easy and not tied to the mainloop. if you want to try that out go to the node browser and enter “v templ” to get the VL template then clone it with CTRL + Click on the entry in the node browser. have a look here:

and here:

and then here:

to get started with VL…

Ok, diving into VL, im finding it difficult to set a Device Input Type so that it picks up my audio interface and then I can make a version of that Midi Channel selecter. Im sure this is super simple but so far i can’t get it from experimentation or from documentation.

for that create the MidiIn node, click the device input pin to start a link and then middle click (or ALT + click) in the patch to make an IOBox with the available drivers. there you can select your input device via right click. in VL the pins do not hold data… so for all places where you want to adjust a value you need to make an IOBox, or input pin to feed data in:

This would be a midi node that you can use in vvvv for your purpose:

Here is the patch, needs vvvv beta 35.7 or newer:
Midi Channel (5.8 KB)

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