How to select for each client video-clip from spread

Hello vvvv community,
I’m trying with a boygroup to run different video sequences simultaneously on 24 clients.
My approach is as following:
I have a spread with strings that localize the 24 files.
the clients each have a specific id.
this should be used to select the respective path from the spread and serve as the inut for the filestream on the respective client.
is that possible or do you have a better approach?
or are there maybe example nodes for something like that?

Help would be great!
with regards Constantin


did you see this page?

the node also has a help patch that explains that.

otherwise, having a spread with 24 file paths sounds about right. just make sure that the files are at the same place on each machine.

Yes, I read this. The synchronization works fine and I have the same clip running on all clients simultaniusly. But I don´t get, how to link the spread /slice of the spread with the input of filestream(boygroup) the “get slice” node should the id of boygroup(client), but this is not so easy :D

it should be as simple as this:
or are we missing something in your explanation?

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Thank you joreg! This saved my last night.

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