How to select audio driver outputs with AudioPlayer BASS?

Hi have an audio card with 4 outputs, listed in windows as Output 1-2 and Output 3-4.
How can i choose this specific outputs with a bass player ?
thank you

Don’t think it work like that, it will be the default windows sound device…

no… seriously ?
there is device - 1 device 0 1 etc for the audio out node ?

I don’t remember for sure, but I doubt there is something on it, i’ve would promise to take a look on source, but I really don’t have time

thank you antokhio!

the bass nodes are pretty much abandoned

holly ch… wich player do you recommand me in VVVV ? i have all my project in work in progress with levels etc…

i tried it 2 years ago i had only troubles with it…

what kind of troubles? there have been a few new versions since then…
especially for professional audio cards this is the best node set you can get for vvvv.

Hi Tonfilm !
Trouble like:

  • it works and after a while it doesnt no more works (simple audio output with wav filestream ) and needs to restart windows…
  • VST examples bugging ( in need to restart windows to clean the mess)

This was my experience… so last time i have to deal with the basic DX9 filestream

so give it a try now, these bugs have been fixed.

hum thanks… i will try in 2 weeks, actually i m on stage, blocked only with the driver output

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