How to render the inside of an object when using an alpha mask?

Hey Guys,

I edited the new PBR-shader so that I can set the alpha of an object with a texture. but sadly the backside of the object does not get rendered this way. maybe I did something wrong in the shader?

I attached the files. (created with RC9)

thanks for your help :)

sorry, its not allowed for me to upload files to the forum yet, so here is the link

without checking the shader code, just from what i remember, the PBR shader sets alpha to 1 in some places. did you follow the path of the alpha value thru all calculations and made sure it’s not overwritten?

yep, I totally ignore the global alpha. in the pixelshader I return the new calculated alpha value

@qbic the problem is Depth Prepass
i think you need to tell depth that you expect to have holes in it ';]


does it work for you even if you rotate the camera? the objects oclude each other…

AlphaProblem (10.7 KB)
Alpha To Coverage your friend
this is not gonna work with soft alpha

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