How to redact a .fx document that is used in vvvv?

I find that many people set up vvvv nodes by .fx document.
Based on investigation,I find the .fx document is redacted by HLSL。it’s right?
How can I make .fx document work in vvvv?
please help me …


yep you’re right. vvvv provides templates for you to write your own code with a built-in code editor. check out this page for more informations.

fx files only make a particular subset of nodes: they are shader files, and yes it’s HLSL.

You might check the documentation to get started.

You can ctrl+click when typing the name of a shader to clone it so you are not overwriting the ones there already. This makes a new file with the same HLSL contents.

thank you for your reply…wo will do my best to study it …