How to receive websocket "spread" in VL.SocketIO

I understand that it is a very specific question for @sebescudie but I ask it here to see if someone else knows the answer, or if there is a solution that remains in the forum.

I’m testing this cool nuget VL.socketIO (thanks sebastian), reusing a project I have built in unity, to see if I can receive the data in vvvv.

It turns out that two data are sent by websocket, that is, what arrives at unity is:

It is made up of a user ID and the information of a joystick

What happens in vvvv is that if I use On (String) I receive only the first data which would be the ID “CS3Rv5iHm-2-qdYtAABq”. and if I use On (Generic) I don’t know how I should build the output to retrieve the data. I tried generating a Dictionary (Sting, JToken), and also with Dencons (String)


  • Is there any way to see how the raw data is arriving? to guide me on how to build the output of On (Generic), or just parse that data?
  • Is there any other way to create the patch to receive a websocket spread?
  • It won’t work because On (Generic) isn’t finished yet? It’s currently among the experimental nodes.

illustrative image:


The most convenient way to approach this problem is to create deserialiser in c# and add as a dependency…

There is way to do that with only nodes but you have to search forum for deserialise json

Hi Antokhio, thanks for the reply.
I am using VL.JSON for parsing and it works great!
What I want to achieve is to receive a data that I can’t find a way to receive. I understand that it is because it is separated with a comma “,”

That is, the gameMessage socket should get me the User ID and the joystick data. Using On (String) I get only the user ID.
The question would be, is there any way to use On (Generic) to take the two data, I understand that what is being sent is a dictionary, that’s why the comma divides the two data.

I attach an image of what is seen in the patch,

and what the log shows, confirming that the data is there, but it is lost somewhere.

There are other nodes like hold latest, if you receive array of events that’s maybe a case Reactive | vvvv gamma documentation

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