How to receive a COM port signal

my friend made a Microcontrollers and this Microcontrollers send number signals like “1”,“2”,“3”,“10” each second… Now I want to receive these signals?

Here is the picture

this is the Microcontrollers, if I press the black press sensor ,the Microcontrollers will send a “17” signal. if I press another press sensor it will send a "10"signal.

signals will be send by USB. and I want to receive the numbers in vvvv. Thanx

Use the RS232 node

Thanks.And now I have receive the string.

here is my friends screem.

and here is the string I recceived.But I dont know what is this symbol.
Then, my friend show me that

if I translate them into hexadecimal, they will become numbers.
That`s the question one.

Another question is: I found the strings in the queue,but I just want one number at once.And now I cant see anything in the output IObox.

please have a look at the nodes:

  • Ord (String) to convert a string to its corresponding byte/ascii value
  • SpellValue (String) with its Mode set to “Ascii” to convert ascii values to their corresponding character/string

i’m afraid i don’t understand what you’re saying here. please try to rephrase or post patch demonstrating your problem.

also you may be interested in the new tokenizer nodes (which you can already test in latest alphas) which don’t require you to convert to string before using them. and you’d simply use AsValue (Raw) to convert the bytes to values.

@sunep thank you.

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