How to read from a HID device (usb)?


I have an usb interface called multio ( which I use to connect sensors to my laptop. I’ve used it successfully in PD because it is straightforward to use with the HID protocol.

But I can’t seem to understand how to do the same in vvvv.

Will I need to have PD running side by side with vvvv via OSC?


VVVV still lacks an out-of-the-box solution for arbitary HID devices. For now vvvv only supports mice, keyboards and generic gamepads. I will not talk about release dates but this is be an important feature for one of the next releases.

so for now running PD along with vvvv and using OSC or the like would be a workable solution. Using Carl Kenners excellent little GlovePIE might be an easier solution if you are new to PD.