How to Random Shuffle a (vector) Spread?

Hi, I try to do something like this: , with vectors instead of single values. Just randomly changing the order of many XYZ coordinates, but keep the vectors.

Thanks for any suggestion!

hey, you could go with select (value advanced) or getslice (value), setting bin size to 3 and generating the indices with random (spread).

Can’t find a “getslice (value)”-Node. So I used the “select (value advanced)” and feed in the random ID’s. Somehow it’s not working (attached the Patch).

test.v4p (7.2 kB)

like this?

test_3.v4p (7.8 kB)

this will really shuffle the spread and not select random vectors. which means that all vectors of the input are in the output. non is doubled and none is left out:

test_4.v4p (5.3 kB)

Works perfect! Thanks so much!

so, what about a new bunch of modules?

i’m not sure if there’s any case someone needs a binsize in shuffle (String) or shuffle (Color) … what do you think?

shuffle.rar (4.0 kB)

@sebl @addonpack : +1

Classic. I think the module should output the Former Index.

@ bjoern: true! feel free to edit… can do it on monday.

any thoughts on the binsize issue?


was just patching this (for the 1000th time).

there are many forum threads about that feature, some of them dated back to 2006 and also wondered why this is not part of the addon pack?!!

+1 addonpack