How to put some delay between two videos?

I have a hardware setup including two monitors. My problem is to syncronise these two monitorsin VVVV. Actually, one of them have a slight delay which create a lag effect in the video, very disturbing.

My setup in VVVV is the following :

Each quad represent a monitor, the monitors use the same DVI signal via a DVI splitter an display only their region of interest (notice that I can’t change the hardware !)

I tried two things :

  • using a queue node : I couldnt understand how to make it work well…

  • using another filestream : streaming the same file and using the position of the first + some delay to seek in the second… (makes the second one so laggy seek function isn’t build for that.

  • using another filestream : to delay the play time via a bang. the video start together but a delay appear after a few loops.

any simple solution ?


hello, the texture Queue is what you want… it stores the last n frames. then us a GetSlice(Node) to get one particular frame out of it…