How To Project On 3D Geometry

Hi All,

A project presented in this article “How To Project On 3D Geometry” looks amazing. I am wondering of how strong should be projectors to be able to show high quality picture, but not in 100% darkness? The second question is, if I have already created a map of the building, how do I figure out what kind of projector exactly should I use and with what lens?

I would really appreciate if you could help me to find answers.

there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all or even any global answer possible.
are you indoor/outdoor;
is it a livingroom or more the size of a palace you want to project on?
what are the reflective characteriscs of the material you want to project on?

maybe helpful for lens calculation:

I plan to project on a building, it is dark grey. The projection distance is from 20 to 25 meters, the projection screen is about 10x10 meters.
What to do with windows, should they be covered, if yes, with what color: black or white?

** What to do with windows,
Depends on what are you going to project actually?
from 20 meters you will need longthrow-standart lens ~1.8-2.4 and really bright beamer, more then 10k lums if there is an ambient light.


dark grey.
go for min. 15k ANSI , better 30k.

Where can I read about overlaying 2 projections? I have heard, that if I project 2 videos one on another simultaneously the brightness and contrast will be increased. How complicated is it?

get a professional service and let them do the setup.
Where are you located?

Vienna, Austria

should be possible possible.

also your are not alone in vvvvienna…

2 Projectors is brighter (but not necessarily double) but there is less contrast as the blacks add too…

Can you maybe recommend someone in Austria/Vienna, just for beamer installation?

What do you mean by this ↑ ? I planned to project one video on another in order to reach higher brightness. But here comes another question - is it reliable enough to launch a video from one computer to 2 beamers while they are connected with HDMI splitter?

maybe someone of the “vvvvienna posse” can help you there?
i’m not in austria, but some others are…

@tulenn: physically the brightness of course doubles when you double the number of projectors projecting on the same area.

its just your eye which doesnt see it. the eye has a logarithmic quality in perception.

disconnect and reconnect one speaker from your stereo system to get an idea what doubling the power means - you will barely notice a difference in volume. same with projectors. sorry.