How to output/write ex9 to avi

Hey everyone, I’m pretty new to vvvv and what gives me problems is how I can output my patches to video formats… For example I have this patch with segment into an ex9 renderer and I want to write/record that output to a video…
Anyone an idea how to do that?
Thanks in advance!

hey levo,

different output options for vvvv beta are collected here: Still Screenshots | vvvv beta documentation

but if you’re new anyway, you may want to try vvvv gamma instead which is the more modern version of vvvv. output options for vvvv gamma are collected here: Video Recording | vvvv gamma documentation some ofthose may also apply to vvvv beta!

Hey thanks for your advice…
yeah thats intresting. Would you recommend directly with gamma instead of beta?

yes, absolutely. start with the tutorials.

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