How to orgnize patches in one window but more tabs?

as it is shown in the pic,
How to orgnize patches in one window but more tabs,
does it means there are any relationship between the patches which in the same window?

and also the different renderer tabs in the same window ?
(Left Ptr & Right Ptr tabs in a window, but spectator view doesnt come to the same one, why? )

Thanx very much

alt+left mouse button should be works

not sure about the question but, windows tabbed together have not special relationship as long the are not in a parent/child relationship (sub-patches), to tab a window press ALT and drag the window with the left mouse button inside another window. Beware that depending on the size of the windows, the next time you open the patch the window may become undocked, not pretty sure but the docked window should be smaller than the window where you dock it to, to keep the tab status.

Thanks @@liquid)) and @((user:io !
that’s it!

And these are all in UI reference webpage ? I’ll read web page carefully… (before this I just realized node reference and lots of torturial links… ) It was ignored by my carelessness.

you should resize the “root” window once before saving. this way all windows stay docked.

another way would be to write the exact same postions and sizes into each patch you want to have docked…
can be done via notepad, xmlmarker or of course SetPatch (VVVV) :)