How to manage pairs Quad+Text


I would like to define pairs of Quad + Text (typically, to have a picture and a legend over it). Their number is dynamic, and they move, so some ones can overlap others. I would also like to be able to define a priority/depth to decide what pair is on the most top.

I have no idea how to do that.

  • Joining layers of Quads and Texts using the Group node (Quad at left, Text at right) is not good because this means that ALL texts are always over ALL quads.
  • Using Group with priorities is not possible dynamicaly like here (and all Texts are only 1 layer…).
  • Converting Text to Texture would be a solution, but, again Texts are only 1 layer, and the only solution I know to do that is DX9.Texture, which takes the output of a renderer, so all texts together
  • Tried to “unify” quad and text before they become layers, using meshes (Grid for Quad, Text (EX9.Geometry) for Text), but not succeeded to have a unique spread of different meshes dynamicaly.

Would somebody have an idea ?

Thank you !


getslice(node) for texture and transform pi,s, and getslice(string) for texts are your friend, this is working with groups(ex9)


No, because the global layer of all the Texts (the right input of group) will be always over the global layer of all the Quads (left input)…

Quad+Text.v4p (6.7 kB)

simply use the z coordinete to define your depth, then the depthbuffer of the renderer will do the job for you…

Yes, it was one of my first ideas, but changing z coordinate has no effect (see patch). Maybe there is something obvious I forget to do, since until now I did not really use the 3rd dimension in vvvv …

Quad+Text.v4p (8.2 kB)

Oh sorry.
I surely missed the lesson about the “Depthbuffer Format” pin, to be set to another thing that “None”. Now it works perfectly.
Really sorry !

Thank you very much for your responses and your time.


Quad+Text.v4p (8.5 kB)