How to make every line of my monkey head in different color

Here is my patch.
I`ve made 1966 lines and 1966 colors,but there is only one color :-(
Anyone help please.

Please also post the patch. (30.1 KB)
Sorry.Here is my patch and .fbx

Hi, you’re not actually instancing yet. Check the examples in the node browser about instancing. It could be a little complicated in your case

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instancing just works for a whole mesh, and all instances will be identical. In your case this is the entire monkey head. You could do multiple of them, each in a different colour. If you want to color single lines, you could do that with a custom shader or fuse, but that is quite advanced.

maybe the stride line helps? It seems to interpolate colors inbetween points, so that could be a problem if cou want sharp edges.

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