How to lock down a camera?


Is there a way to lock down an instance of the softimage cam? It seems that the default behaviour is to update all other instances of the camera even if the render windows are closed.

Very handy at times, but very destructive at others.


hello sohan , here is a way

LockCamera.rar (6.6 kB)

oh…I see, it’s possible to dig into the camera node.
that solved my problem…thanks for taking the time!


unfortunately the Camera (Transform Softimage) makes use of Mouse (System Global) which is a Singleton.
You can only use one instance of a Singleton-node within vvvv.
Using two instances of Camera (Transform Softimage) causes a broken link in one instance of the module: the Ord2Enum cannot control the Cycle Mode of the Mouse in the 2nd instance.

but i agree that the Camera (Transform Softimage) should allow en/disabling.
It could have an “Enable”-pin with the default value = “1”. maybe the devvv’s could add this…

the attached camera module
*doesn’t use the Mouse (System Global)
*is a little easier to handle (no keys, mouse only)
*has an “Enable”-pin

Camera (Transform LookAt Multiple).zip (9.2 kB)