How to locate a form in the image?

I try implement a system to follow objects.
My objects are the small ball of pool and the stick.
I try to made contourn, trackingby color,… but not diference the object. Only extrac the coordenate.
Somebody has idea to recognize the ball or the stick.


Perhaps some code from our NODE13 workshop can help you:

Here we were tracking the ball of a foosball-table, which is quite similar.

Don’t forget to chalk the ball with titanium oxide :-)

Hey velcrome,
were can i find it?
is it better for IR reflectance?
is this method suitable also for dancers? ;-) or could it produce skin sickness.


It is not toxic.

sorry to go a little off topic-

titanium oxide is a very basic pigment for painting (and very white). you can get it at your local art supply store.

for dancers i’d recommend checking out different fabrics as their costumes. this can be quite surprising, my dark green cotton hoody for example is pure white in infrared. reflections from synthetic fabrics seem to be rather gloom

Thanks Velcrome,
i´ll check it.
And yes i have some surprises with colored cotton clothes…
Dyeing for synthetic or wool are more stable i think.

thank’s boys.