How to intersect multiple lines with a circle?

once again me,
i’m still trying to intersect multiple lines with with a rectangle or a circle in 2d space.

i get the X1 Y1 / X2 Y2 coordinates from vux voronoi - now i need to get the intersection points of these lines with a circle or a rectangle or just with 4 fixed lines.

i used 4 intstances of the intersect mesh (quad) node but some how not all possiple intersection points are shown and furthermore it shows some intersection from lines which are not that long to intersect the quad.

since i have no idea wath the intersection does with my transformation matrix i don’t know if its right wath i send into as transformation matrix.

i tried to dedug by using the same matrix to transform a quad this works perfekt the qaud perfectly aligns with the voronoi lines.

any ideas whats wrong - can some one explain how i should do this intersection calculation in math - since i have the lines it should be a basic calulation but i realy down´t know how to do this in vvvv.

please help!
would be more than nice.


well can you put a patch pls…
i’m not sure how to do that but i can check.

thanks here: (49.0 kB)

i need to ask if there are any ideas concerning my problem -
since i’m running out of time and i still don’t have any idea. how to solve!

cheers martin

hi must been missed your post.
can say you think it’s intersect related. I have tryed to spread the intersec line in help patch and not all the cubes were intersecting lines.
anyways gonna try to dig bit more but for now can say only that look quite buggy.

btw it’s SensitiveSpace_KMKGSTUDIO_Voronoi_root2?
or Voronoi_root2

i think its both!
probably i made something wrong while collecting the the vvvv files.
but it should work in some way.
thanks so much!
bye martin

yes, you used the Intersect nodes quite wrong… please look into their help patches (F1) to see how they work. I would say, the Intersect (3d Quad Line) would suffice here, no need for the mesh version…

thanks for you reply!
it’s very likely that i did quite a lot things wrong since i’ m using
vvvv for 2 weeks now.
would you mind to specify what is wrong.
did you mean the way how i try to set up the transformation matrix for the line.
the polar thing i did to get the xy and rotation and scale of the voronoi edges.
by now i filter the out put of the node by the intersect spread.
since the quad i use to show the tranformation i send onto the node lies exactly on the
voronoi lines - i have no idea what is going wrong. - yes i will use the
different node (intersect quad). but it didn’t work in the first place.
but the mesh one work at least.

so could you give me a hint!
thank you very much!

i think you expect something from the intersect node which it does not do… it intersects a line with a quad or mesh, for that the line must somehow cross the quad, but you have all in 2d space, so there is no point of intersection because the line is completely in the quad. the only thing you can do is to check whether the edge points lie in the area of the quad. but maybe the Hittest nodes from vux in tha addonpack are better suited for this task…