How to install license?


Maybe there is a really obvious answer and I have just overlooked something, but how do I license vvvv?
I bought a full license for my project (and this was not easy, since the “VAT ID:” field in your web order form is for some reason case sensitive) and received a license number.
So what do I do now? Where do I tell vvvv that it is not “only for non-commercial use”?

Please help!


You can go and edit splash.bmp in the lib folder to remove the non-commercial wording, or replace it with your own splash screen, its honour based licencing…

as catweasel says. and the license number is really only for your reference. we want vvvv licensing to be as less an obstacle to your work as it can be. thanks again for your order.

Thank you for the quick response!

Honour-based licensing is not something one encounters very often, maybe a short explanation on the licensing page would help to avoid further confusion for DRM-shellshocked guys like me. :)

Great software, I really enjoyed building something with it!



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This too… no text …

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