How to get xy info from contours


im experimenting with the contours plugin but when i try to get some exact xy info from contours to place something in screen space i only get the center portion of my screen space, any ideas on how to get acurate xy info on contours?? just want to control say the emmiter from a particle system with the position of the contour or maybe place a quad or something and move it according to the contour position.
the whole idea would be to control elements in projection with a video feed from webcam.

thank you all vvvv rules

that shuld be just a multiplication of 2.

if i remember correctly, the countour outputs -0.5…0.5 while the screen space is -1…1.
just select the countour node and press F1, there should be all info you need.

tonfilm thank you so much it workrd great!!!