How to get Channel (Ungeneric) attributes

Hi, i’m trying to create my own editors by Type, but i can’t get the Property names, i was assuming that Channel(Ungeneric) provides the UI attributes i need to name manually my Properties in the custom editors… Why do i just get an empty list?

Can you upload an example patch? It’s not clear to me how your CustomEditors is wired up.

Here we are.
ImGui_CustomEditors_Attributes.vl (93.8 KB)

The label is transported in the ObjectEditorContext.Label property you get handed in the CreateObjectEditor operation inside of your factory. The label is computed by looking at the following attributes: LabelAttribute, DisplayAttribute. If none of them are present it will take the IVLPropertyInfo.OriginalName property.

Here is a modified version of your patch where I added it to your float editor.

ImGui_CustomEditors_Attributes.vl (95.4 KB)

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Great, thank you Elias

This looks interesting, I;ve been wondering how to work with channels and Imgui, but how do you get all global chanels for example, and then feed them into that? Also where is the interface defined? ( I always feel like I should be able to open it from the side panel, but I cant see it in definitions)