How to generate Midi timecode in vvvv?

Are there any simple way to generate Midi timecode while FileStream plays some media file, in order to synchronize the playback with external effects?

i don’t know what you want to achieve, but:

  • look into the Timeliner (Animation) where you can create midi tracks (+M)
  • control its speed via filestreams Position Pin
  • use some MidiOut (DShow9) fed with the corresponding timeliner output pins

be lucky about synchronized midi, or

  • post your patch
  • describe your goal/problem more detailed

is there a possibility to control velocity of notes in timeliner?
if not, the way described above might fail if you need certain velocities…’’::

thank you very much for answer. My goal is to synchronize the video playback with laser graphics. The laser computer can be controlled via midi or smpte timecode. So I have to produce the output timecode simultaneously with video playback.

faild to obtain timecode from Timeliner (Animation). The midi track is just for notes, not timecode…

so far i think you can only receive midi timecode

ok, so far i’ve seen the problem should not be the generation of the timecode itself but the playout what lacks an appropriate node… hm

if you can use LTC, you could generate an audio file with the time code on and then play that back, but that require that the laser thingy can accept LTC.

never done this, but you can generate midi time code out with midishort output (node)

i have putted there a table of all midi type signal, the 142 one should do it …

the main loop being there to do quartz job of sending ;-)

Hey Karistouf,
Can you upload an Example?