How to gap when skia.imageplayer is loading new images?

Another nooby question here,

i am switching directories with the skia player node.
I am loading full HD PNGs wich takes a short moment to load.
Its like a few frames. i thought its seamless, but its not.

My goal is hold the last frame of the animation until the new one is loaded and stop the hold.

What i did is to use a s+h node to hold the last frame, and a switch node to hold it for 0.1 seconds.
I had to put a framedelay on the player output that goes into the s+h.

But its acting strange sometimes even tho my theory seems fine.

At this point i tried everything, changing the hold time and putting framedelays like crazy.

is there a much cleaner solution?


Yes, you can use two players and switch between them when ready, so you can already pre-load the next directory while one is playing.

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