How to Freeframe ? from DxTexture to Directshow?

Hi all, im a n00b here, so this mugh be a really silli question…
i have a loot of freeframe plugins that i would love to use in vvvv, but i dont know how

i was able to use them with a imput camera, but i dont know how to use them with a composition that i made

i mean, i want to apply the freeframe plugin to render of a xfile
i guess that i must render that, get the dx texture, and aply the plugin to the dxtexture of that render, and the output will be another texture that i can place on a quad on another render,

but i dont know how to convert from a render or from a dxtexture to the tipe of imput that the freeframe plugin needs ( DirectShow )

another question, if i go over the values of the freeframe plugin ( more than 1) this gives me a black texture, after this happens i need to reload the plug in, is there an war to “reset” the plugin itself ?

You need to use the AsVideo node

It will convert your DX9texture in a Video stream

see the attached patch

For the second problem , could you give the name of the freeframle you use and the name of the parameter , it would help !

As_video.v4p (4.4 kB)

Hey men tnks for the quick reply ! you save my saturday, i was cheking the vvvv forums on my ipod on friday nigth and i saw yor reply, that same nigh i stated using vvvv + freeframe with my resolume freeframe plugins ( almost all petes freeframe )

but i have a tiny, huge problem we i started plaing ,

i use a big patch with all the small patches inside with diferent compositions, and i enable, or disable it oneby one, so the hole patch run verry fast… i have 2 renders windows…
o i forgot, im using a Dell Inpiron 6400 2ghz, 2gb ram, nVidia 7300 256m, win sp2, and dualview with Svideo, 2nd screen 640x480, lap resolution 1440x900

i use a render windows on my screen as “preview” and the other render windows its fullscreen on the other desktop.
the 2 render nodes are identical, i see the same on the 2 of them.

i try using videos over diferent quads that i spread and move around, when i made all the patches it works great, but i wasn´t using the dualview… when i place the second render window fullscreen on the other screen, the video disapear from the quads, it get stuck, sometimes shows the 1st frame only, or it like “tilt” with random lines, and on my screen it run fine…

if i kill the 2 render nodes, and i place only one node on the 2nd screen, it works fine, when i place the new render over my lap screen, i get the same result on my screen, and on the dualview keeps runing fine… but after a few minutes it swaps and i kills the videotexture on the 2nd scren

it seems that the DxTexture node only works on 1 screen at the time, is this posible ?

Pd: i love your videos on vimeo! ;)

helo vjc,

it is a known problem that the videotexture only works on one device at a time. therefore you could try changing your setup to spanmode where you go fullscreen with one render-window over both outputs (not sure if that works though, with the tv-output)…

hey nice one, i was able to do it on my dektop pc,
but i dont have the opcion on the notebook, i will try with another drivers,
so it was a know issue …
i also try to use the main render on the 2nd desktop, and on the lap screen use another render with a quad and the dxtexture from the main render,

it works a litle bit better, i can see eveything, exep the video over the video layers, but after a few minutes it swaps and disapear again.

so for this time, no other workarond to this problem ?

tnks aniway for the tip, if i get another nvidia driver it will be a great solution… i can place the render window withot frame and use the positioning node to aling with the desktop without losing 1 pix

there are this hacked drivers to get span mode on laptops:

i already try 5 diferent drivers
any of them give me the opcion of extended desktop :S

and they are the new nvidia drivers, i hate them!
it give the opcion of pal b - pal -g ! ?!???
and palnn and ntsc ? i cant correct the position of the screen, really i cant understand those new nvidia drivers